We’ve made it easy for you!

Account access

We use a state of the art Point of Sale system that allows clients to log into their profile and perform a number of functions.  The system integrates with our plant operations, sending updates and notifications at different stages of the cleaning process. 


Garment Tracking

We keep track of your garments by placing a barcode or tag in a discreet place on the item.  This ensures that your items are never misplaced. Each garment is scanned on arrival and upon completion to notify you when your order is ready


TEXT/Email Notification

We lead such busy lives, so it makes sense that we set up reminders and alerts for different things.  We at The Preeners, have made it easy for! You can sign up for text/email notifications.  You’ll receive a notification when orders are complete and ready for pickup at a location or delivered orders, not to mention notifications with special promotions! We make communicating with your cleaner super easy!